Weekly roundup, March 24, 2014

Topics: Unit testing PHP, test images for color-blindness, hands-on learning, RSS on Github, myths of software development.

  • The Open Data Protocol (OData) 4.0 has been approved, along with the OData JSON Format 4.0. If you’re not familiar with OData, it’s a standard for reading and writing to data sources with RESTful web services.
  • Need to explain computing concepts to somebody? Computer Science Unplugged has some pretty nifty activities that do just that.
  • I remember hearing about Flattr years ago – one of the early services for giving back to open source developers – but I had no idea they were still around. And doing reasonably well.
  • Migrations in Entity Framework are a topic I could be stronger on. The ADO.NET Blog has some screencasts that just might do the trick.
  • Friend Dan passed along another comic I need to add to my list of regulars: CommitStrip.
  • Dan also shared some thoughts on a thought-provoking article from Model View Culture about the myth of the software developer. I hope to share my own thoughts on it later this week.
  • OSS Perks is a listing of tools and services (including commercial ones) that are available for free to qualifying open source projects.

Tools, etc.

  • Colblinder has a handy Color Blindness Simulator for your images. Upload an image then select different types of vision to see what it looks like. (via @DanielSolis)
  • Portable.Text.Encoding is a portable (i.e. cross-platform) implementation of .NET’s Text.Encoding namespace. (via @migueldeicaza)
  • Did you know Github repositories can have releases? You can find them using the following URL path:
    • https://github.com/<account>/<repository>/releases
    • To get an RSS feed, just add .atom to the end of the above URL.

Projects, coding, etc.

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