Weekly roundup – April 28th

Topics:  Free MS ebooks, Xamarin podcast, cloud server in 55 sec., squash your PNGs, Heartbleed fallout, RDP from Android.

Tools, etc.

Projects, etc.

  • Less than 30 days left in the FoodStats app fundraiser. We’re at $250 now. Pledge as little as a $1 or as much as you feel like – every little bit helps. Or just help spread the word: Use the share buttons on the campaign site or give this easier-to-remember URL to friends, family and those who might be interested: http://tiny.cc/foodstats
  • Released an initial alpha version of Commit Message Editor – a simple, cross-platform GUI editor for commit messages in Git. The goal is to provide a light-weight editor with key features useful for writing commit messages. (This was a request from my friend and former co-worker Jonathan.)

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  • Hello there ,
    I was using the picture compressor tool you mentioned on your page here: codemastershawn.com/2014/04/28/weekly-roundup-april-28th/
    While trimage.org/ does a good job, it only allows you to compress pictures that are up to 20 MB.
    After some exploring I found this other tool and I wanted to suggest you show it along that one :
    This tools allows you to compress pictures that are up to 50 MB in size both in jpeg and in png format!
    In hope I helped back,

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