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Weekly roundup – April 28th

Topics: Free MS ebooks, Xamarin podcast, cloud server in 55 sec., squash your PNGs, Heartbleed fallout, RDP from Android.

Weekly roundup, 2-21-2014

My friend Dan recently asked Has anyone already written the code to use the AVR on the Gertboard for the Raspberry Pi as a simple GPIO expansion/demux? I don’t have an answer for him, but maybe you do, or know somebody who does? Seattle to sport one of the first Bitcoin ATMs in the U.S. …

Security best practices in the real world

I recently had a discussion with a co-worker regarding physical security. Our two departments share a small building with 9 offices. Each of us has a key to the building, a key to our own office, and a key to a shared storage room nearby. This co-worker was gathering feedback for a proposal he was …