Weekly roundup – April 14, 2014

Topics: Telecommuting tips, Heartbleed tools, the end of crapware?, Git tutorials, free education, ideas into products, humanize numbers, better Datetimes, a Git GUI.

Tools, etc.

  • Wow. Humanizer is a .NET library that provides a mind-boggling array of ways to convert “strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities” into more human-friendly text. (via Scott Hanselman)
  • Scott also recommends Noda Time as a better library than what’s provided with the .NET Framework.
  • Looking for a GUI for Git and/or Mercurial? Source Tree is a free download from Atlassian.

Projects, etc.

  • Working on something, which I hope to announce the next day or two. Stay tuned….

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