Experimenting with a new tool for my Knowledge Base

For the last year or so, I’ve been slowly building up a personal Knowledge Base using Evernote (a direct link is to the right). This is a place where I save tidbits of information related to software development – stuff that I think I’ll probably want to look up later, because I’ve forgotten the precise syntax needed, etc. I also made this KB publicly available (link is to the right) so that others could hopefully benefit as well. So far, this has worked pretty well, but I don’t always have the time to organize and format the notes as much as I’d like.

About a month ago, I became aware of Diigo – an online tool for highlighting, bookmarking and notating content on web pages. I’d seen tools like this before, but I liked the way Diigo also collected everything I’d noted in one place and allowed me to organize, tag and share it.

So I’ve started a new, experimental Knowledge Base (again, link to the right) using Diigo. I’m hoping this format will make more sense and allow me to collect and organize information more quickly. If it continues to impress, it will eventually replace my previous KB.

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