Weekly roundup, March 17, 2014

Topics: MS tech webinar, image multi-tool, call for developers, code review tools, PhpStorm.

  • I’m not planning to go to //build, but am thinking about seeing if I can convince work to let me watch the day-long Building Blocks: Initialize() Jump Start to get up to speed on the current state of Microsoft techniques.
  • The QUnit website not only has a good Introduction to Unit Testing tutorial, but it’s a great discussion of how and why to organize your Javascript code in a more object-oriented way.
  • Job seekers, heard about¬†Freelancer¬†this week from our intern. What I found particularly interesting is that in addition to listing Projects they also have a category called Contests.
  • If you’re looking for an open source project to help with:


  • Not only might PicPick become my new go-to screenshot tool, but it also has a color picker, magnifier, ruler, whiteboard and more. A veritable Swiss Army tool of quick image management.
  • Review Assistant, by Devart, is a Visual Studio extension I plan to evaluate for our team; code reviews are something we want to do, but have struggled with finding the right process.
  • For PHP development I continue to be more and more impressed with the PhpStorm IDE. This week I discovered that it includes support for integrating with a number of issue tracking services.

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