Announcing funding campaign for ‘FoodStats’ mobile app

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure or another medical condition that means you need to be careful what you eat? Do you have a loved one who does? Or perhaps you just want to keep careful track of your calorie intake? Earlier this year I finally began getting my own Type 2 Diabetes under control by reducing my carbohydrate intake. I’ve gone from a blood sugar of over 340 to a daily average of 120 in the last several months. Now my doctor and I are tackling my high blood pressure, which means I need to also watch how much sodium is in the foods I eat. During this time, I’ve found the NutritionIX website to be a great tool. Not only can I look up the nutrition stats for individual foods, but they also list menu items from over 500 restaurants. Unfortunately, their website is not very mobile friendly and they don’t make a mobile app.

Nutrition Facts: Know what you're eating.Today I am announcing that I have started an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to help me build such an app for Android smart phones. Future efforts will include an iOS app, but this first phase will be for Android because that’s what I have. The app will be created with cross-platform support in mind, and will be available under an open source license, so anyone else will also be free to build upon my work – whether it be for Windows, Mac, Linux the web or other phone platforms.

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And that’s why I’m running a crowd-funding campaign. Medical issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity have become a common part of our lives. Nutrition plays a huge part in maintaining our health and modern technology now gives us the ability to get that information no matter where we are. It shouldn’t be limited to just those who can afford to pay for it, provided only by those who can afford to make it available. I want to help NutritionIX, the USDA and other providers get this information into as many hands as possible.

You can help. Even if you can’t afford to make a donation please help me spread the word. Tell everyone you know – especially doctors, dietitians or anybody else concerned with nutritional health. Use the buttons below to share this post on your social networks. And if you are considering donating, thank you. Every little bit helps: I’ve set the minimum donation at $1, with perks for those who donate more. If you’d like even more options you can find them on my Support Shawn’s work page.

This campaign is my first step on the path of the new way to think about “employment”, which I talked about in a previous post. Help me prove that we are no longer locked into the same old cycles. There is a better way.

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