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See also: Creating a custom Azure Logic Apps connector on my blog.

History: BizTalk → SharePoint workflow manager → Logic Apps.

  • Flow is a “lite” version of Logic Apps for Office365.
  • Power Apps is a forms creator/editor for Logic Apps/Flow.

Connectors (developing)

Connectors are⇒ Azure API Apps are⇒ Web API apps.

Two types:

  • Actions - “Regular old Web API actions” 1)
  • Triggers
    • First connector must be a trigger.
    • Push or pull.
    • More complex than just a Web API action.

Project file: apiapp.json

Creating a custom connector

Basic steps (taken from support forum)

  1. Install the Azure SDK
  2. Create a API App in Visual Studio (New Project → Web → API App)
  3. Implement a controller that contains your method
  4. Enable Swagger: Goto App_Start/SwaggerConfig and Remove the comment before EnableSwaggerUI (About line 176).
  5. Publish to the cloud (either create an API App on and select it in vs or create a new one on publish).
  6. You can then select your API App from a Logic App.


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