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Weekly roundup – April 28th

Topics: Free MS ebooks, Xamarin podcast, cloud server in 55 sec., squash your PNGs, Heartbleed fallout, RDP from Android.

Weekly roundup, 2-21-2014

My friend Dan recently asked Has anyone already written the code to use the AVR on the Gertboard for the Raspberry Pi as a simple GPIO expansion/demux? I don’t have an answer for him, but maybe you do, or know somebody who does? Seattle to sport one of the first Bitcoin ATMs in the U.S. …

Using Github

This blog post was written specifically for my co-workers at Washington State community and technical colleges, but I suspect will be useful to anyone getting started with Github, so I am posting it here. This post is Copyright (c) 2013, Bellevue College and the State of Washington. First, some definitions Git A software tool for …