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-====== Windows ======+====== ​Set up a new Windows ​PC ======
-Chocolatey+Use the [[http://​|Chocolatey]] package manager to install and maintain tools:
-''​cinst 7zip 7zip.commandline aescrypt agentransack bleachbit ccleaner clink ConEmu dns-benchmark everything findandreplace ​flashplayeractivex ​flashplayerplugin Gow greenshot hashcheck javaruntime LinkShellExtension markdown-edit ​MicrosoftSecurityEssentials ​mingw NirLauncher notepad2-mod previewconfig processhacker putty sysinternals treesizefree ultradefrag ​vlc wincdemu winscp''​+<code powershell chocoinstall-basic.ps1>​ 
 +    ​7zip 7zip.commandline aescrypt agentransack bleachbit ​ 
 +    ​ccleaner clink ConEmu dns-benchmark everything ​ 
 +    ​findandreplace flashplayerplugin Gow greenshot ​ 
 +    ​hashcheck javaruntime LinkShellExtension markdown-edit ​ 
 +    ​mingw NirLauncher notepad2-mod previewconfig ​ 
 +    ​processhacker putty sysinternals treesizefree ​ 
 +    ​ultradefrag wincdemu winscp 
-The 64-bit version of Notepad++ is not compatible with the Plugin Manager, so install the 32-bit version (unless you want to manually install and maintain plugins).+The 64-bit version of [[https://​​|Notepad++]] is [[https://​​notepad-plus-plus/​notepad-plus-plus/​issues/​2459|not compatible]] with the [[https://​​npp/​pm/​|Plugin Manager]], so install the 32-bit version (unless you want to manually install and maintain plugins).
-''​cinst notepadplusplus -x86''​+**NOTE:** Updating this package without specifying 32-bit will install the 64-bit version, removing the plugins. Update this package separately and before a ''​cup all''​.
-Firefox with recommended add-ons:+<code powershell>​ 
 +cinst notepadplusplus ​-x86 
-''​cinst firefox noscript https-everywhere-firefox''​+See also: [[markdown#​notepad_configuration|Configuring Markdown support]].
-Google with recommended extensions:+After install:
-''​cinst googlechrome https-everywhere-chrome save-to-pocket-chrome pushbullet-chrome trello-chrome office-online-chrome''​+  * Run ''​LSEConfig''​ 
 +  * Configure Greenshot 
 +    * **Preferences ​-> Capture** 
 +    * Uncheck **Show magnifier** 
 +  * Configure ProcessHacker 
 +    * **Hacker ​-> Options ​-> Advanced** 
 +    * Check **Replace Task Manager with Process Hacker** 
 +  * Run ''​shellrunas /reg''​ 
 +  * Install Notepad++ plugins
-For developers:+===== For Windows 7 =====
-''​cinst fiddler4 git hackfont jdk8 jmeter linqpad logexpert ngrok.portable nodejs NuGet.commandline NugetPackageExplorer openinvscode poshgit sourcecodepro sourcepreviewhandler SourceTree sysexp''​+<code powershell chocoinstall-basic-win7.ps1>​ 
 +cinst flashplayeractivex MicrosoftSecurityEssentials 
-There is a bug in version 0.25 of Git-TFS, so install the previous version and pin it: 
-''​cinst gittfs -version 0.24.2''​+===== Additional core applications =====
-''​choco ​pin add -n=gittfs --version 0.24.2''​+The following applications are available via Chocolatey, but have their own update mechanisms, which should install updates faster than manually running ​''​choco ​upgrade''​.
 +  * [[http://​​|Firefox]]
 +    * Using Chocolatey: ''​cinst firefox noscript https-everywhere-firefox''​
 +  * Google [[https://​​chrome/​browser/​|Chrome]]
 +    * Using Chocolatey: ''​cinst googlechrome https-everywhere-chrome save-to-pocket-chrome pushbullet-chrome trello-chrome office-online-chrome''​
 +  * [[http://​​Secure_PDF_Reader/​|Foxit Reader]] - PDF viewer
 +    * Using Chocolatey: ''​cinst FoxitReader''​
-If not using ReSharper:+The following software does not yet have a Chocolatey package available:
-''​cinst dotPeek codemaid''​+  * [[http://​|WinMTR]] - //combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping utilities in a single network diagnostic tool.//
-''​cinst VisualStudioCode vscode-csharp vscode-powershell vscode-editorconfig vscode-markdownlint''​ 
-''​cinst argouml''​+===== For developers =====
 +    fiddler4 git hackfont jdk8 jmeter linqpad logexpert ​
 +    ngrok.portable nodejs NuGet.commandline ​
 +    NugetPackageExplorer openinvscode poshgit ​
 +    sourcecodepro sourcepreviewhandler SourceTree sysexp
 +Includes the following:
 +  * LINQpad
 +  * NuGet command-line and [[https://​​|Package Explorer]]
 +  * mingw, git, poshgit and SourceTree
 +  * Fiddler and ngrok
 +  * logexpert and logparser
 +  * Additional fonts
 +There is a bug in version 0.25 of Git-TFS, so install the previous version and pin it:
 +cinst gittfs -version 0.24.2
 +choco pin add -n=gittfs --version 0.24.2
 Diff tools Diff tools
-  * Beyond Compare: ''​cinst beyondcompare ​-version 3''​ +  * Beyond Compare: ''​cinst beyondcompare beyondcompare-integration''​
-    * ''​cinst ​beyondcompare-integration''​+
   * WinMerge: ''​cinst winmerge''​   * WinMerge: ''​cinst winmerge''​
 +    * The [[http://​​xdocdiffPlugin/​en/​index.html|xdocdiff]] plugin (not in Chocolatey) adds support for comparing MS Office documents
   * Perforce: ''​cinst P4Merge''​   * Perforce: ''​cinst P4Merge''​
-Visual Studio+If not using ReSharper:​ 
 +cinst dotPeek codemaid 
 +==== Additional dev installs ==== 
 +  * [[http://​​downloads/​details.aspx?​FamilyID=c17ba869-9671-4330-a63e-1fd44e0e2505&​displaylang=en|Windows SDK for Windows 7]] ([[http://​​downloads/​details.aspx?​familyid=71DEB800-C591-4F97-A900-BEA146E4FAE1&​displaylang=en|ISO]]) - shouldn'​t need this if Visual Studio ​is installed 
 +==== Optional ==== 
 +Visual Studio extensions have their own update mechanism, but these are available in Chocolatey. See also: [[https://​​c/​1Rg02j8U/​61-visual-studio-extensions|Visual Studio extensions I use]]. 
 +    markdowneditor ignorefiles editorconfig.vs vscoloroutput  
 +    vs2015-roaming-extension-manager tangible-t4-vs2013  
 +    visualstudio-github 
 +Visual Studio Code (with extensions):​ 
 +cinst VisualStudioCode vscode-csharp vscode-powershell vscode-editorconfig vscode-markdownlint 
 +cinst argouml Pencil prototyper 
 +===== Other software ===== 
 +Blog editing/​management:​ 
 +cinst openlivewriter 
 +Multimedia applications:​ 
 +cinst vlc 
-''​cinst markdowneditor ignorefiles editorconfig.vs vscoloroutput vs2015-roaming-extension-manager tangible-t4-vs2013 visualstudio-github''​+===== Windows Server (as a workstation) =====
-Other+  * Enable //Windows Desktop Search// (for Outlook, etc.) - **Server Manager -> Features -> Windows Search** 
 +  * [[http://​​b/​rmilne/​archive/​2013/​07/​11/​install-desktop-experience-on-windows-server-2012.aspx|Install Desktop Experience On Windows Server 2012]]
-''​cinst openlivewriter''​ 
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