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cinst 7zip 7zip.commandline aescrypt agentransack bleachbit ccleaner clink ConEmu dns-benchmark everything findandreplace flashplayeractivex flashplayerplugin Gow greenshot hashcheck javaruntime LinkShellExtension markdown-edit MicrosoftSecurityEssentials mingw NirLauncher notepad2-mod previewconfig processhacker putty sysinternals treesizefree ultradefrag vlc wincdemu winscp

The 64-bit version of Notepad++ is not compatible with the Plugin Manager, so install the 32-bit version (unless you want to manually install and maintain plugins).

cinst notepadplusplus -x86

Firefox with recommended add-ons:

cinst firefox noscript https-everywhere-firefox

Google with recommended extensions:

cinst googlechrome https-everywhere-chrome save-to-pocket-chrome pushbullet-chrome trello-chrome office-online-chrome

For developers:

cinst fiddler4 git hackfont jdk8 jmeter linqpad logexpert ngrok.portable nodejs NuGet.commandline NugetPackageExplorer openinvscode poshgit sourcecodepro sourcepreviewhandler SourceTree sysexp

There is a bug in version 0.25 of Git-TFS, so install the previous version and pin it:

cinst gittfs -version 0.24.2

choco pin add -n=gittfs –version 0.24.2

If not using ReSharper:

cinst dotPeek codemaid

cinst VisualStudioCode vscode-csharp vscode-powershell vscode-editorconfig vscode-markdownlint

cinst argouml

Diff tools

  • Beyond Compare: cinst beyondcompare -version 3
    • cinst beyondcompare-integration
  • WinMerge: cinst winmerge
  • Perforce: cinst P4Merge

Visual Studio

cinst markdowneditor ignorefiles editorconfig.vs vscoloroutput vs2015-roaming-extension-manager tangible-t4-vs2013 visualstudio-github


cinst openlivewriter

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