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cinst 7zip ccleaner clink ConEmu editorconfig flashplayerplugin Gow greenshot javaruntime LinkShellExtension mingw NirLauncher notepad2-mod processhacker putty sysinternals treesizefree winscp

cinst notepadplusplus -x86

For developers

cinst fiddler4 git linqpad logexpert ngrok.portable NuGet.commandline poshgit SourceTree

cinst dotPeek

cinst gittfs -version 0.24.2

Bug in version 0.25

choco pin add -n=gittfs –version 0.24.2

Diff tools

  • Beyond Compare: cinst beyondcompare beyondcompare-integration
  • WinMerge: cinst winmerge
  • Perforce: cinst P4Merge


cinst openlivewriter

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